How to stop a puppy from jumping

All dog owners want a dog that is well-mannered with the ability to perform a few tricks for when the family and neighbors come over. Unfortunately, there are a few puppy behaviors that may irritate you as they become older, such as jumping up, as well as pup grabs and bites.

Read on to find out some easy steps to stop your puppy from jumping.

Hi, my name is Jane, and I am a proud owner of a Labrador Retriever. I first got my young pup when she was about a year old.

Whenever I got home from work, I adored when my dog would jump up in excitement to greet me. It just melted my heart every time; until she became a little older, and I began getting bruises, and she broke my favorite wine glass.

My friends and family found it quite irritating that whenever they visited my puppy would jump on them and grab their clothes, relentlessly seeking their attention.

After a little research, I found some helpful articles that helped me stop my puppy from jumping. Before we delve into it, I want you to know that stopping your puppy from jumping requires a lot of persistence, patience, and effort.

Here are some tips on how to stop a puppy from jumping.

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Why do puppies jump?

You may notice that when dogs greet each other, there is a lot of sniffing of private areas. They are also known to lick and smell each other’s muzzles. Since dogs are relatively close in height, this is achievable without much inconvenience.

However, when it comes to human-dog relations, this can be cumbersome. Puppies jump when excited or trying to capture your attention. It is merely their way of playing.

As a result, they may end up tearing your clothes, knocking down utensils off the table, or even plowing into your skin with their claws and paws. 

If your dog enters adolescence and he still jumps, it means he is unable to control impulses and may begin testing the limits; similar to an adolescent child. Dogs should know at an early age that they get attention by staying in a sitting position.

How to stop puppy from jumping

Puppy Jumping

As with most dog training strategies, rewarding good behavior against unwanted habits is an effective plan.

1. Ignore jumping

One of the harsh lessons I had to learn was that hugging, petting, and even responding excitedly when my dog jumped taught it that jumping was acceptable.

When your puppy jumps, step back and say ‘off’ in a low and conversational tone. 

Alternatively, if he does not respond to this, you may turn away from him and go to another room. By doing this every time he shows signs of jumping or jumps on you, he learns that jumping does not get your attention.

2. Teach and practice the ‘sit’ command

Practicing an alternative behavior, like ‘sit,’ aids in preventing your puppy from jumping. But first, you need to practice this command during calm moments and reward them by gifting them with food or petting.

Soon enough, your puppy will associate your attention and everything good in life with sitting. Have in mind that this lesson may take a lot of time and persistence from you.

Do not give up!

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3. Use the door as a tool

Whenever you step into the door threshold of your household and your dog starts jumping, step back out of the house and close the door.

Take a few minutes for your dog to relax and then step back into the house. You may need to do this repeatedly, but eventually, he will catch on and realize that you will not enter the house if he jumps.

4. Let your visitors know 

When undertaking such rigorous training lessons, inform your household, visitors, as well as strangers of your training progress. Ask them not to encourage jumping by greeting the dog calmly and refraining from rewarding him when he jumps.

As a result, your dog learns that jumping is not acceptable when welcoming anyone.

You may also choose to put your dog on a leash and have one of your close friends, which your dog is fond of, to stand a short distance away from him.

Ask your dog to sit and praise him when he does so and let your friend approach him. If your dog jumps, then have your friend turn and walk away from him.

5. Give your dog a toy

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Once you or your visitors walk through the door, give your dog an exciting toy to hold in their mouth as it nixes out jumping.

Whether it is your dog’s favorite stuffed toy or pre-stuffed food puzzles, such toys distract our dog, allowing you and your guests to walk into the house comfortably.

Final word

Stopping your puppy from jumping is an easy tasking when you dedicate your time and patience to the task. You discover new information about your dog, and it creates a closer bond between the two of you.

In the long, your puppy will pick up on all your lessons. Therefore, take the time to learn a couple of tricks to implement and teach your puppy how to stop jumping effectively. 

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