How To Train A French Bulldog FAST!

Here’s a quick and easy to read guide showing how I trained my french bulldog. Enjoy…

Every dog owner wants to have a dog that is well-mannered, listens to them and, of course, one with a few tricks that they can show off to the neighbors and friends who come over.

Unfortunately, the process of training a dog isn’t always as easy as one would hope it to be.

Fortunately, a number of different training strategies have been developed to help the average dog owners better train their dog.

Read on to learn how I was able to train my French Bulldog without hiring an expensive trainer

Hi, my name is Crystal, and I am proud to say that I am now the owner of a properly trained French Bulldog – best of all, I was the one to do all the training.

Now, before we get into the whole training scene, let me tell you first that it does take patience, effort, and quite a lot of time.

So be prepared if you truly wish to train your dog.

The French Bulldog is known as an even-tempered breed and makes a great house dog.

They do demand a lot of attention.

One thing that I admire about Rocky, which is my French Bulldog, is that he only barks when he is excited or when danger lurks – no unnecessary barking that keeps me (or the neighbors) up at night.

Instead, he would snort, which is a feature of my dog that I adore.

This breed is relatively small, with Rocky weighing just over 12 kilograms.

He has an average level of energy – not too lively, but he also does not lie around and do nothing the entire day.

The short hair makes it easy to keep him clean.

The Challenge Of Training A French Bulldog

When I adopted Rocky, he initially picked up some bad manners.

He urinated in the house – and even though I scolded him for his actions, he continued to do so.

Another unpleasant trait that he picked up was messing around with his food – I came home each day to a kitchen floor that was flooded with food and water. What a mess!

This was when I decided that I need to start training Rocky.

Since he was still a puppy at the time, I knew it was a “now-or-never” situation.

I didn’t think that I had the skills to do the training myself, which is why I decided to contact a couple of dog trainers in my local area.

I was quite disappointed to find out that a trainer in my area would charge me between $70 and $90 per hour.

They also noted that several sessions would be needed and that I should expect to pay at between $400 and $600 – if not more.

I knew that I was unable to afford a professional dog trainer, but I still had to do something.

I love my Rocky, but I had to teach him some manners while he is young so that they can stick as he grows up.

Discovering Dog Training Methods

I set out on a mission to learn how to train a French Bulldog and find which are the best dog training methods that suited my situation.

I discovered that there is no need to pay almost $100 per hour for a session with a dog trainer – I could do all of this myself.

I was warned that I would need to put in the time and effort, and I decided to do it – I would dedicate at least an hour each day to train Rocky.

I wasn’t sure how exactly I should proceed, as I found details on quite a large variety of methods that can be used to start training my puppy.

Eventually, I came across a post on Facebook by one of my friends that explained how she was able to train her dog with a combination of training methods – including positive reinforcement, alpha dog, and with the help of a clicker.

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I started to read instructions on how to follow these methods and made my own perfect combination.

In time, I perfected my techniques and became more successful.

Once I saw how well Rocky was able to pick up on the training, I decided to take things further than just teaching him to urinate outside and eat his food in his bowl.

I started to teach him other tricks – the training did not only give Rocky better manners when he is in the house but also gave us a time to become closer.

Best Methods For Training A French Bulldog

While there are a lot of training methods that can be used for training a French Bulldog, I like some methods better than others.

For example, I would never use an electric collar to train my dog – that is not something I ever see myself doing.

Using a clicker, on the other hand, has made the training so much easier and it does not shock my dog.

Here are the training methods that I found most useful.

Positive Reinforcement

This would definitely be my favorite of all – rewarding Rocky for doing something “right.”

The idea behind the concept of positive reinforcement is that a dog will repeat a certain behavior or action when they were previously rewarded for the action.

When the dog behaves badly, then his actions are not acknowledged, and no reward is given.

The reward should be positive – pet your dog and give him a treat.

It is important to follow the good behavior with a treat as fast as possible after he performs the action – this will ensure your dog knows what he is being rewarded for.

Clicker Training

I used clicker training in combination with positive reinforcement and found it to work very effectively.

What happens here is you have a special “clicker” device that makes a sharp noise.

The noise is used to help your dog understand when they have accomplished something.

After clicking the clicker and the dog acknowledges the sound, you can follow up with a treat.

This also provides for a more accurate way to give your dog feedback the moment they accomplish a certain goal or perform an action.

Here’s the clicker that worked for me and where I go it.

Alpha Dog

Another important training protocol that I implemented to some extent is the Alpha Dog method.

With this method, you need to ensure your dog understands that you are the “alpha” – you are the leader.

The steps are quite simple – make sure you go out of the door before your dog does, make sure to walk in front when he is on a leash, etc.

It is usually also recommended to avoid allowing your dog on furniture when you implement this method.

Final Words

Dog trainers cost hundreds of dollars, and the results are never guaranteed.

If you want to teach your dog some tricks, or simply want them to start urinating outside of the house, then you can learn a couple of methods to implement and do all of the training yourself.

It might be a little hard at first, but give it time and be motivated.

You’ll discover that it is fun to train your dog and that they eventually start to pick up on the hard work you are putting into the training sessions.

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I hope this article helps you learn how to train a french bulldog, I’m sure if you follow these steps or give Doggy Dan a try you will see huge improvement.

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed reading this or if it helped in any way – please share it with your friends who may also have a French Bulldog.

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