How to Cut Dogs Hair

When I first got my German Shepherd, Fang, she was a little pup.

She had a lovely fur coat and was just four weeks old! I loved her then and I love her now. I loved how soft her coat was back then just a soft, baby fur and not so bad in terms of shedding.

But as she grew, so did the need to groom and maintain her lovely fur coat.

The internet was enough to tell me how much German Shepherds shed, and so there was a lot of information out there. Narrowing it down proved challenging for me.

Hello! My name is Nance.

I am so excited to be sharing with you my tips on how to cut your dog’s hair.

There are so many things to remember as you do this, so I wanted to share with you the most effective strategies and ideas.

I first learned how easy it is to cut your dog’s hair by reading PupTigy’s article about how to do it.

You can, too!

One key thing I want you to know is that your dog’s cooperation is probably the biggest factor at work here. Make sure you keep that in mind.

After careful review, I have decided that the below steps are the best ways to get this task completed.

It worked well for me as well as my friends and family.

  1. Get Your Supplies Together

First and foremost, you need a great clipper that will do right by you and your dog.

This clipper is going to be the best of the best and will keep your pet happy and comfortable.

Make sure you also have a nice, quiet place to groom your pet. This will keep him or her calm.

Aside from the clippers, make sure you have combs, brushes, and scissors available, too.

Ask a friend or family member to hold down the dog if needed. Place him or her at a comfortable height on a table or buy a grooming table if at all possible.

Be sure to reassure your pet and offer treats for good behavior.

Fang has gotten used to her grooming, but it wasn’t easy.

Thank goodness for dog treats!

  1. Brush and Comb the Hair

Some dogs enjoy being brushed. Fang really loves it, and I love touching her and bonding with her.

Plus, this will get rid of loose dirt and hair. Use a pin-wire brush or a bristle brush.

Make sure to get the hind legs so that you get the places where dirt is liable to build up.

Get out the tangles in your pet’s hair by pulling the hair away from the skin and use a slicker brush to work out the snarls.

Do not tug on the hair, as it can hurt your dog. Work from the end of the hair.

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  1. Cutting the Hair

Here is how we will start cutting the hair. It is super important that you make sure your dog is calm and ready.

We don’t want anybody getting poked with scissors or cut with the pet clipper.

With your dominant hand, get the straight grooming scissors and place your index finger and thumb in the holds.

You can also use rubber finger guards if the holes are too big.

Hold the hair away from the skin and clip on top of the fingers, like hairstylists do.

Start by working along your pet’s back and trim the end by taking off about a half inch with clippers.

You can also comb the hair up and back to make sure any uneven ends are snipped and even.

Keep combing backwards and holding the hair up, so that you can verify the lengths are even.

With Fang, it is so easy-she has TONS of hair.

  1. Back and Rear Leg

Keep doing your backcombing and trim all the way down the back of your dog until the base of the tail is reached.

Fang does not like her tail touched, so be mindful of this!

Always make sure you are reassuring your dog and offering a treat so that grooming becomes a positive experience.

Continue the process down every side. Repeat the backcombing process and snipping the hairs until all the big ones are clipped out.

Then backcomb one of your dog’s legs and trim the long hairs, contouring to the shape of the leg.

Repeat this process with the other leg.

  1. Trimming the Feet and the Tail

Brush up the hair on your dog’s food and trim the hairs that stick out.

Keep brushing and trimming until your dog is left with velvet slippers on his feet.

Lift one leg of your dog to see what is underneath on the belly and comb the area.

If you spot any uneven hairs, clip them away lightly to make them nice and neat.

Use grooming scissors to trim any excess hairs that the clippers can’t reach. To trim the tail, hold the tail up in your thumb and forefinger.

Hold up the hair at the tail’s tip and twist it.

Now use scissors to trim the length of the tail evenly by going straight across. Be very careful.

Like I said, my pup does not like her tail being touched. I can’t imagine what would happen if I accidentally cut her tail.

  1. Trimming the Beard

Okay, maybe dogs don’t have beards. But here is how you can trim the face.

Get some blunt-nosed scissors-they will prevent injury to the dog. Start at the top of the head between the ears.

Now comb the hair upwards and clip it once it reaches the top of your fingers.

Do this from ear to ear, and then go from the back of the head to the top of the eyes. Make sure not to leave hair in your dog’s eyes!

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Final Step: Ears and Chest

Start by combing down the hair on the ear, and make sure there are no mats in the fur.

Hold the ear where the leather finishes. Snip the hair on the ears to match the shape of the leather and be sure to watch that you do not clip the dog’s ear.

To trim thick hair of the chest, use some thinning scissors to get rid of excess hair.

You can then trim it using the clippers and backcomb it to make sure any stray hairs are taken care of.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed my guide on how to clip the hair of your dog!

The clippers we recommend are really great.

Fang was peaceful and only howled once, and that was because she heard another dog in our neighborhood.

She looked great and was fun to show off at the dog park the next day.

So, what do you recommend? Like and share this post!

Leave a comment and give us your ideas and tricks about cutting your dog’s hair.

3 thoughts on “How to Cut Dogs Hair”

  1. I have a Shih Tzu that hates having his feet and face touched. Some friends who were moving to an apartment in the city couldn’t take him there and I had just lost my 17 year old dog, so they asked if I would like to take him. I kept him for a week and he never left! They had had trouble finding a groomer who would take him the next time he needed grooming! They had gotten him when he was 10 months old and I know nothing about his life before that although I think they got him from someone that raised puppies. My son has a poodle/shepherd?? mix that he clips himself and so we have been grooming my Shih Tzu ourselves but it becomes a battle when we get to his face and paws! He is now about 11 or 12 yrs old and is blind. The vet says it’s a trait of this breed because they were bred to have such short noses that their tear ducts are messed up. I have to clean his eyes daily and my son trims the fur around his eyes frequently so the mucus that hardens around his eyes can be more easily removed! It is stressful to me to have to go through fighting him when he needs to be groomed!
    I had had a female Shih Tzu I got at an Animal Shelter earlier and did all her grooming myself with sissors without any problems but she didn’t have such a heavy coat of this one and didn’t have the eye problems either! I think she had been used in a puppy mill and when she couldn’t have puppies any more they dumped her! My vet said she’d had lots of puppies and removed several cancerous lumps in her mammary glands and then she got cancer in her bones! I couldn’t bear seeing her in such pain!

    • i had a shih tzu too who also went blind. it’s heart breaking. she was 11 when she became blind.fortunately she gave me no problems at all when it was time to groom her.


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