Fromm Dog Food Reviews- Which is the most reliable dog food brand?

Fromm dog food is a premium dog food brand. With over 100 years of experience, this family-owned brand features natural and top quality dog foods for all dogs, regardless of their age and breed.

Its holistic approach in manufacturing different high-quality recipes for dogs has made it a favorite among many pet owners for numerous years.  This brand ensures your furry friend receives a balanced diet, which improves their overall health.

The Fromm Family Pet Foods formulates premium-quality recipes for both cats and dogs. The company is said to be one of the foremost innovators in the pet food industry. Whether you are looking for quality food for your puppy, helping your dog lose weight or for an ordinary dog, Fromm Dog Foods have it all.   

What to expect from the Fromm dog foods

As a family-owned company for over five generations, Fromm Dog foods produce all their recipes in their own plants and obtain all their ingredients from the US.

All dry treats and pet foods come from their USDA-inspected factory in Wisconsin, while their canned foods are from their other plant in South Dakota. Furthermore, Tom Nieman, their president and owner since 1983, is one of the cooks of their dry product range. 

Unlike many other dog food brands, Fromm specializes in making recipes with several natural and high-quality ingredients such as real fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, farm-fresh produce and real Wisconsin cheese.

All their ingredients are from the US. However, they import their minerals and vitamins from Europe. More so, this brand has six product lines of dog foods; Fromm Gold Nutritionals, Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals, Fromm Family Classic, Fromm Pâté, Fromm Crunchy O’s, and Fromm Family Remedies.

Each product line has unique ingredients to help in providing the perfect balance of nutrients for your mutt.

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1. Fromm Gold Nutritionals

product image for fromm gold nutritionals

Fromm Gold Nutritionals comes in three categories; original Fromm Gold (poultry-based), Fromm Heartland Gold (grain-free red meat), and Fromm Gold Coast (grain-free ocean fish). All these foods are from their Wisconsin plant.

Fromm Gold contains several fresh and natural ingredients such as Wisconsin duck, real chicken meal, oat groats, barley, brown rice, and menhaden fish meal. In all Fromm Gold recipes, there are at least three protein-rich animal sources; duck, chicken, and chicken meal.

However, the grain-free line contains beef, pork meat meal, and protein-rich pork liver as their animal-protein sources. These Gold recipes also consist of healthy omega fatty acid sources, which are great for your dog’s coat and skin.

They also contain antioxidants such as dried tomato pace, lettuce, celery, and carrots, which are great for your canine’s immune system. With such top-quality ingredients, your canine companion will live his best, and most healthy life as Fromm Gold offers exceptional nutritional meals.

Whether it is for weight management, to increase energy or to promote its bone structure and immune system, Fromm Gold Nutritionals does the trick. 


  • High-quality protein sources
  • Ideal for various dog breeds
  • No wheat or corn in the recipe
  • Eggs and cheese offer extra nutrition to your mutt
  • Suitable for both puppies and adult dogs


  • Lacks vegetables and fruits 
  • This product range is not ideal for dogs with slow metabolism as it is mainly fatty dog food

2. Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals

product image for Fromm Dog Food Fido's Pantry

If you are looking for gourmet cuisine for your furry friend, Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals is your best option. Fromm has dedicated its brand to creating high-quality and tasty recipes for your pets- and so far, so good.

This line contains five dog foods, including a variety of dry, canned, and dog treats. Its vast selection of flavors and several meals make this line ideal for picky-eating dogs. 

This product line consists of grain-inclusive entrées, except its canned products, and a few high-quality animal –protein sources such as chicken, chicken meal, duck, and duck meal.

These recipes also have barley, brown and white rice, sweet potatoes, as well as dried egg products. As a source of omega-3 fatty acids, the line contains salmon oil and flaxseed. It also consists of probiotics, which are essential for your dog’s digestive health, as well as several minerals and vitamins.

The Four-Star dry recipes combine meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits to provide your mutt with a balanced diet. Its canned variety consists of grain-free meals that perfectly complement the dry recipes or as a meal on their own merit.

Their treats range contains seven savory products, ideal for rewarding your dog or as a delicious dessert. 


  • A diverse product line which is both nutritious and delicious
  • Beef ingredient ensures your pup receives enough protein for optimal growth and development
  •  Sweet potatoes provide the required amount of carbs for energy
  • These products contain vegetables and fruits for added nutritional value
  • The product range consists of both grain-inclusive and grain-free meals


  • The high potato content in some of the products is highly fattening; hence, dogs can quickly become overweight, if not careful.

3. Fromm Family Classic

product image for FROMM Classic Recipes

The Fromm Classic product range has been in production since the production of the company’s first kibble in 1949. The classic product line from Fromm is a naturally balanced and complete diet for your puppy, adult, and mature dog. It is from a combination of chicken, brown rice, Wisconsin cheese, and eggs; thus providing a wholesome diet for your canine companion. 

These recipes do not contain the unnecessary fillers found in other commercial foods. This product also does not consist of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It supports the healthy growth of your dog’s skin and coat and also contains omega fatty acids and quality probiotics for digestive tract health. If you want your mutt to gain healthy weight with high protein intake, the Fromm Family Classic product range is the ideal choice.


  • The most reliable and delicious product range that has withstood the test of time
  • Classic recipe suitable to support active dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds
  • This recipe consists of probiotics which aid in the optimal health of your digestive system
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives


  • These recipes are nutritionally dense as they encourage high protein intake with minimal amounts of fruits and vegetables in its ingredients

4. Fromm Pâté

product for Fromm Pate Can Intro Promo HR interactive_distributed

Whether you use it as a complete meal or as a complement to dry dog food, Fromm Pâté offers a balanced and complete nutritional diet for dogs in various life stages. This product range comes from Fromm’s canning plant in South Dakota and consists of seventeen different products.

Some consumer favorites in this line include Salmon and Chicken Pâté, Turkey and Pumpkin Pâté, and Chicken and Sweet Potato Pâté. These recipes have high-quality ingredients such as beef, beef liver, beef broth, lentils, sweet potatoes, carrots, and peas.

The beef ingredients add flavor and moisture to the dog food without compromising its nutritional value as it provides all the ten essential amino acids required by dogs. It also contains salmon oil, which gives omega-3 fatty acids, as well as several minerals and vitamins. 


  • Grain-free recipes
  • Consists of high-quality protein sources as the primary ingredients
  • Recipes also contain plant-based protein sources such as peas for optimum nutritional value
  • A reasonable amount of carbohydrates to provides adequate energy for your canine
  • Easily digestible ingredients sourced from the USA


  • Fromm Pâté is put in cans. As such, the product may have added artificial preservatives or may not be as fresh as you would like it as you purchase it from the store

5. Fromm Crunchy O’s

product Image for fromm crunchy o's

What happens when you combine blueberries, chicken, and a touch of tapioca? At Fromm Family Pet Foods, it makes a delicious and nutritious doggy treat recipe. Fromm Crunchy O’s are delicious ‘O-shaped’ dog treats that arte recklessly crunchy and wholesome.

Available in three flavors, each recipe consists of premium-quality ingredients such as cheese or meats, as well as vegetables and fruits that aid in delivering a unique and audibly entertaining crunch. The treats undergo a ‘puff-up’ stage in the manufacturing process to create the crunching sound when eaten.

Furthermore, the recipes contain a minimum of 23% crude protein, at least 8% crude fat, and 10% moisture. From Smoking Cheese Plosions to Pumpkin Kran Pow to Blueberry Blasts, treat your canine friend to these great snacks that they will enjoy gobbling.


  • Low-calorie content
  • High-quality animal-protein sources
  • Delicious, nutritional, and crunchy dog treats
  • Great for training your mutt
  • No corn, soy, or wheat
  • Available in three different flavors


  • Quite expensive

6. Fromm Family Remedies

product Image for fromm family remedies

Fromm Family Remedies consist of favorite family remedies to help guarantee your dog’s health. They are from select proteins and a unique combination of miscanthus grass, chicory root, and pumpkin extract. These remedies aim to relax the sensitive stomach of dogs while relieving any temporary dietary upset. 

The Fromm Family Remedies product line comes in two varieties; Whitefish formula and Chicken formula. The pumpkin and miscanthus extract aid in easing firm stool and stomachs as it creates a renewed sense of satiation. The moisture and fiber in the formulations create bulk that stimulates regular bowel movements in canines. 

Furthermore, the ingredients in these recipes are easily digestible and offer a natural remedy to gastrointestinal distress. 


  • Nutritional supplement for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds
  • Enhanced with probiotics to aid in digestive system health
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives
  • Available in two flavors; chicken and whitefish
  • Aids in the general health of your dog


  • Only for intermittent or supplemental feeding

Fromm dog food recall history

Both Fromm plants are USDA-inspected.

Furthermore, each batch from Fromm Family Pet Foods is both internally and externally tested by an independent and accredited lab before shipment.

However, some Fromm wet dog food cans were recalled due to high vitamin D content on March 18, 2016. The exercise was done out of an abundance of caution. 

According to Fromm, dogs that ate these canned foods over an extended period would suffer from a loss of appetite, but nothing was reported from consumers. Alternatively, Fromm Dog Food has no history of recalls in recent years, according to the FDA website

Final word

Fromm dog food is one of the most reliable dog food brands available in the market. The company has been around for many years and still continues to be a leader in the pet food industry to date. With a variety of dry and wet dog foods as well as several recipes in their product range, there is a nutritional option for every dog. 

The best part is that they always use high-quality ingredients when formulating their recipes, resulting in a delicious and nutritious meal. Pet parents who worry about the allergic reactions in their dogs also have viable alternatives from the Fromm dog food brand.

The brand consists of viable recipes with only wholesome carbohydrate ingredients like oatmeal, barley, brown rice, and potatoes. Not only are these ingredients easily digestible but also nutrient-rich. Such parents should also be careful of recipes with chicken and beef as they are allergenic proteins. 

From dog food has on the hearts of many dog owners worldwide. It is available in most major pet stores worldwide as well as some privately owned stores. This brand greatly values providing your four-legged companion with a complete and balanced diet, regardless of the occasion.

Choose Fromm dog food and your dog will indeed thank you for the rest of his life. 

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