Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review – Does It Really Work?

Training a dog takes time, and a great deal of patience, but the reward for accomplishing the goal can be substantial. Getting started is usually the hardest part, especially when you did not train your dog since a younger age.

Luckily, there are many useful strategies that can be used to train a dog, even when the dog is already an adult.

Today, I’m looking at the Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer and telling you why you should consider this program…

Hi, the name’s Danail, and I am here to tell you a little about my journey with Iron, my Saint Bernard.

Even though we adopted Iron when he was still a puppy, life was so busy that I never really got a chance to train him properly.

By the time Iron reached the age of one year, he was getting a little out of control.

He was not obedient to my orders, he frequently did his business in the house, and he tore up shoes, sheets, and other items that caused me to lose a lot of money.

I got angry at Iron, but I still loved him – I did, however, know that I had to train him somehow.

I turned to dog trainers to help me get Iron trained, but after finding out how much these sessions cost, I decided that I had to turn to a different route.

I couldn’t afford multiple sessions – and the trainers told me that I would have to consider at least five to 10 sessions with them for my dog to become trained.

That means I would have to pay almost $1,000 for training – something I simply could not afford to do.

After I discovered that I could not send Iron to a dog trainer, I decided to look into training myself to train my dog.

I did a lot of research and discovered quite a large number of different techniques that I could use to train him.

Immediately after discovering these techniques, I started to implement them. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as well as I hoped.

I think the main problem here was the fact that the majority of the training techniques that learned about are aimed at training puppies – and since Iron was already a year old, it meant these training protocols were not really tailored toward his requirements.

Training Techniques For Adult Dogs

So, after learning that the methods I was trying were meant for puppies, I decided to start looking at other techniques that are more geared toward adult dogs.

I soon learned that one of the first things I needed to do was better control my dog’s energy by ensuring he gets enough exercise, as well as to learn how I could control my Iron’s impulses.

I also discovered that it is important to start out with more basic skills, such as teaching him commands like sit and stand up.

There was also a couple of different training techniques that I learned about – I could take a negative or a positive approach.

Personally, I thought that a mix of the two would be the best approach to take.
I started to implement some of the methods that I learned about. I learned Iron how to obey some of the most basic commands, starting with sit down and stand up, of course.

I rewarded him for good behavior. Whenever Iron had bad behavior, I would scold him.

Unfortunately, even with these techniques, things were still really hard.

I couldn’t get him to obey my commands like he was supposed to.

I was beginning to lose hope and feel that I would never be able to make Iron an obedient dog and that I would never be able to get to the point where I could teach him some tricks.

Discovering Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Program

After I decided that I might as well give up on trying to train Iron and just accept him like this, I one day scrolled through my Facebook timeline and saw a video posted by a friend of mine.

The video was about him giving commands to his dog – and to my surprise, his dog actually followed every single command he gave him without any hesitation.

I was amazed – what amazed me most is that I knew he adopted the dog as an adult, which means he must have learned some type of technique that allowed him to teach an adult dog new tricks.

I gave my friend a call and asked him just how he managed to accomplish what I saw in the video.

He told me it was easy – I remember laughing at those words. I told him that I had tried everything with Iron and nothing seems to work.

This was when my friend recommended I check out Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer, a program that supposedly gives you access to everything you need to train any dog – puppy or adult.

I’ll be honest here, and I was very skeptical.

I have tried out a number of different methods already, and they do not seem to work with Iron.

At the time, I started to think that he wasn’t trainable. Still, my curiosity was sparked, so I did a quick search on Google and found some interesting results.

People really seem to like this program, and it also seemed like it offered a lot of value.

A variety of courses were available on the website that I found – the official Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer landing page.

There were two free courses, as well as different membership packages to choose from. This didn’t really convince me as much because of the fact that I have tried similar courses in the past, but I did decide to sign up for one of the free courses that the website offered.

I quickly received login details for the membership area after I registered for the free course.

I must say, I was quite surprised with the level of detail that the author of the program has put into every single piece of information that was included in the course – and I didn’t even have to pay a single dollar for gaining access to the course.

I started to follow the guidance that the course offered me.

I was quite surprised that the tips actually worked on Iron – they were very different from what I used to try out when I did research earlier on dog training tactics.

They actually helped me out and gave me a more positive mindset in regards to training Iron.

After I completed the course, I was convinced that I wanted more – I wanted to get my dog to learn more tricks, and I wanted to implement other strategies from this dog trainer.

Thus, I decided to subscribe to a membership plan – and I must say, I was extremely happy with everything that came included in the premium membership plan.

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The Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer System

Once you subscribe to a premium membership, you gain access to the complete Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer System.

The system comes with a massive library of educational resources and material that you can use to help you train your dog.


It does not matter what type of dog you have, how old they are, how big they are, or what type of training you would like to implement – Doggy Dan has really got everything covered that you would need.

The first step after logging into the members’ area is to go through the introductory wizard – this is essentially a questionnaire that will ask you a couple of questions regarding your goals with your dog training.

The questionnaire was, at least for me, one of the best features that the Online Dog Trainer system had to offer.

After answering all of the questions, I was provided a personalized menu of courses and educational items that I should utilize in order to help me reach my goals.

The Benefits Of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer

I realized that there were a lot of benefits to be gained from the resources and courses that the Online Dog Trainer system offered me.

Let me share a couple of my favorite benefits that I noted:

I was able to get started with the entire system through a free 7-day trial offer.

This was a trial offer that allowed me full access to the entire system before deciding whether or not I would like to start utilizing the training materials offered by Doggy Dan.

After my trial period expired, I only had to pay $37 each month after that.

There were also no contracts that I had to sign, and I was able to cancel whenever I felt like it.

The $37 monthly fee included access to all of the courses made by Doggy Dan and was far less than a single session with a professional dog trainer.

The system provided me access to a large variety of courses that I could use to solve common problems I noticed in my dog, as well as to help me train my dog.

Many of these courses came with instruction videos that were created by Doggy Dan, providing a more interactive way to learn how to train a dog properly.

The premium membership comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee offer, which makes this a risk-free offer. Click here to read more about their money back offer.

If you do not like the training material offered by the Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer system, then you can contact the author, and he will quickly provide you with a refund, which means you have nothing to lose.

In addition to all of the useful training material that comes with this program, you also get access to the Calming Dog guide, which is an essential part in preparing to train your dog.

This course gave me solid advice on how I can keep Iron calm when he gets too excited during training – it really helped me out while I implemented the other steps mentioned in the training courses.

Getting Started With The Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer

It is really easy to become a member and start utilizing the courses on the Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer system.

All you need to do to get started is to visit the product’s official landing page. You can access the website by going to https://members.theonlinedogtrainer.com/

Once you are on the page, read through the page to discover what exactly you will get when you sign up for this program. Once you know that you want access to Doggy Dan’s training courses, then simply subscribe to a free trial.

The trial will give you one week (seven days) to access the materials offered in the course and see if you want to utilize the program to train your own dog.

If you feel that you can benefit from the training provided by this system then, do not cancel your trial subscription.

After the first seven days, the system will automatically bill you for the next month, and you can continue to enjoy unlimited access to all the existing content on the platform, as well as new content as Doggy Dan’s adds more videos, courses, and resources.


After turning one year old, I realized that my Saint Bernard, Iron, was behaving inappropriately and not obeying me at all.

At this time, it was really hard to train him, and I realized that I should have started to train him while he was still a pup.

After trying out a large number of different strategies for dog training, I quickly realized that an adult dog needs to be trained a little differently to how a puppy would be trained.

Even the training programs tailored toward adult dogs, however, seemed to fail me.

This led me to the discovery of a program called “Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer.”

The program is affordable and gave me access to a massive library of books, videos, and other useful resources that provided me the knowledge I needed to train Iron.

I was finally able to get Iron to obey my commands, and through this course, I have developed a great passion for further training Iron, as well as other dogs.

Click here now to visit the official Doggy Dan Online Training website.


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