Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Hey readers! It’s Nance here, back with another article on cool tricks to teach your dog.

One of the coolest things about dogs is just how smart they are!

They are capable of learning so many things, and there are plenty of cool tricks to teach your dog.

My 5-year-old German Shepherd, Fang, and I have done a few cool tricks during our time together.

My German Shepherd is super smart, so tricks come easy for us. With the right patience and know-how, your dog can learn too!

I’m going to show you some cool tricks. I got here from following others’ advice, and I want to make it nice and easy for your dog to learn tricks and have fun with you.

I went looking all around the Internet and rounded up some of the coolest tricks your dog can learn.

Get ready for maximum fun together, and a great bonding experience.

Bear in mind that my dog does NOT know all of these tricks. Every dog is different, and it is best to just go at your own pace and know your dog’s limit.

If he or she seems unhappy trying to learn a trick after repeated attempts, just try a new trick.

The Tricks

Pickpocket Thief

Okay, here is a trick that will have your friends and family laughing once they find out just who stole their wallet.

It will take a little time to master this trick, but your dog can and will learn it.

Just make sure to be very clear in your instruction and have lots of treats ready to go.

The thief is so cute, you won’t mind that your wallet was taken!

Walking Myself Trick

Can you imagine how funny it would be to see a dog walking along with his own lead in his mouth, his owner just leisurely walking along?

This will work best for calm dogs that don’t want to run off-if you’ve got a high-energy dog that loves to run and chase cars while on your walks, this won’t work for you.

But whether your dog is big or small, this will surely get the laughs going.

You can do it by presenting your dog with the leash and then asking them to hold it.

Have them hold it in their mouth for a short period of time and take it back. Give them a reward.

Then, start walking with your dog with the leash in his or her mouth. Use the “heel” command to keep your dog walking with you side by side.

After the dog has mastered this part, you can clip one end to the collar and have them hold the leash in their mouth as they walk.

If they drop it, just re-enforce the command by picking it up and having them take the leash.

Cleaning Up Toys Trick

Dog toys are everywhere in your house if you’re a dog parent!

Like children, dogs need to learn how to put their toys away when all is said and done.

It can be done with plenty of patience, care, and praise.

Get those treats ready and enjoy a little extra time to yourself-and the smile you get watching them dutifully clean up!

You can simply do this trick by using treats and holding the treat above the toy box.

When the dog opens their mouth to get the treat, the toy will drop into the box and that is where you can give them praise for a job well done.

Handstand Trick


Imagine if you could teach your dog how to do a handstand!

This one will require some extra equipment and patience to complete, but you can do it. You can even use some old books at your home if you don’t have the small platforms used in the above video.

You can start with a small stack of books against the wall and keep on adding them until your dog gets more and more comfortable.

Don’t risk it if your dog is impatient (or if you are impatient).

Make sure that as your dog completes all the steps, you make sure to offer praise and treats.

Fist Bump Trick

Your dog will be the coolest dude or chick on the block when they learn this fist bump trick.

It’s not a super difficult trick to learn, and any dog of any size can learn it.

You just need to have some treats ready to go in your hand.

Show it to your dog and then wait for them to paw at your closed hand.

Your dog will come to realize that a closed fist means a reward is coming. At this time, you should add in the “fist bump” or “high five” command.

Spinning Dog Trick

This is a super fun trick that you can bring out when there is music playing, or you’re at a family get together that involves dancing.

People will surely laugh and smile as the dog cutely spins around-and you will too.

All you need is a treat and some consistency. Just follow this tutorial and get ready to cut some rugs on the dance floor!

Once the dog learns how to spin in one direction, you can teach him or her to go the opposite way.

Sit Pretty Trick

This is a fun trick for a bunch of different reasons.

You can take your dog’s photo for social media, or even use them to make funny memes of your pooch.

Not only is it good for photo ops, but you can also exercise your dog in this manner.

Doing this will help your dog build muscles and gain core strength. It will also help with balance, too. Only do this if you’ve got a healthy dog, however.

You wouldn’t want to put strain on a weak pooch.

Read Danail’s Doggy Dan Online Trainer review to learn all these tricks and more.

Kiss Trick

If your dog is anything like mine, your pooch will just kiss you to death as it is.

But there is a way for you to teach your dog how to kiss you on command! It’s really cute and fun for all involved.

By watching this video, you can learn how to get your dog to give you a smooch whenever, using only some peanut butter.

You probably already have that lying around the house anyway.

This is definitely a trick you can get started on learning right away!

Puppy Push Up Trick

Push-ups are not fun when us humans have to do them for fitness or workouts, but they are super cute when dogs do them!

You can certainly teach your dog how to do them for added fun when it is time to get some exercise in.

Imagine having your pup do some after a run with you. It is just a combination of “sit” and “down” commands.

Be sure to only teach dogs who are in good health-a pup with joint issues will not find this trick very enjoyable.

Speak Trick

Here is a super easy, fun trick that all dogs can learn regardless of their health or age.

It is an easy thing for dogs to do but will require patience on your part.

Dogs have to be ready to do the trick, and you must be patient and let them work at their own pace.

Make sure to be patient and have plenty of treats on hand so you can reward your dog when he or she finally speaks.

Even the dog in the video does not speak right away for the professional trainer he’s working with.


As you can see, there are so many super cool tricks that your dog is capable of learning.

Some are easy and fun, others are challenging and will make both of you feel good when they are finally mastered.

Patience and praise are the keys to success here.

Which of the tricks was your favorite?

Comment below about your favorite, or another trick you can recommend.

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  1. Hey there,
    My dog is a greyhound border collie mix and he learned to play dead in 5 mins! He already knew all of the basic commands so it wasn’t hard to teach him. He has a lot of fun doing it but if we make the training sessions too long he gets frustrated and then everything goes downhill from there, so we have taught him to learn tricks pretty fast.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Read it!


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