How Many Times A Day Should A Puppy Poop?

Having a puppy is probably the greatest thing in the entire world. There is a special relationship that you have between you and your puppy. This little creature doesn’t have a soul in the world except for you and your family. You are in charge of the health and well-being of the little one. You … Keep Reading

Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Hey readers! It’s Nance here, back with another article on cool tricks to teach your dog. One of the coolest things about dogs is just how smart they are! They are capable of learning so many things, and there are plenty of cool tricks to teach your dog. My 5-year-old German Shepherd, Fang, and I … Keep Reading

Best Puppy Food For Goldendoodle Dogs

The Goldendoodle is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, even though it is not a purebred. In fact, the Goldendoodle really is a crossbreed. These dogs are considered a designer breed and are the result of a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. The breed grows up to be relatively large, … Keep Reading

How To Train A French Bulldog

How To Train A French Bulldog FAST! Here’s a quick and easy to read guide showing how I trained my french bulldog. Enjoy… Every dog owner wants to have a dog that is well-mannered, listens to them and, of course, one with a few tricks that they can show off to the neighbors and friends … Keep Reading

Best Dog Training Methods

When I first got, Pod, my lovely Labrador, he was just a few weeks old. I was anxious that I was not going to be able to handle him properly with my kids all grown and away. The internet provided me with a lot of information and picking specific ones was a big challenge. Hi, … Keep Reading