picture of shih tzu

How long do Shih Tzu live?

It is a well-known fact that dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans. However, this fact should not stop you from getting a canine companion for your family. So, how long do Shih Tzu live? Hi, my name is John. I am a proud dog owner of a German Shepherd dog, but I have been … Keep Reading

large dog breed

Large dog breeds that do not shed

Dog shedding is a big problem for many dog owners. If you are looking for a large dog that does not shed, you have come to the right place. Let us quickly delve into which are the large dog breeds that do not shed. I got my first dog after I moved out of my … Keep Reading

picture of dog lying down

How to teach a dog to roll over

‘Roll over’ is one of the fun and common tricks dogs can learn easily. Your dog must learn other basic commands before starting to teach him to roll over as this trick has several steps to mastering it. However, with patience and affection, your dog is sure to roll over in no time. So, how … Keep Reading

dog jumping

How to stop a puppy from jumping

All dog owners want a dog that is well-mannered with the ability to perform a few tricks for when the family and neighbors come over. Unfortunately, there are a few puppy behaviors that may irritate you as they become older, such as jumping up, as well as pup grabs and bites. Read on to find … Keep Reading

dog biting on leash

How to teach a Puppy to walk on a Leash

One of the perks of owning a dog is the long walks across the park or around the neighborhood. However, new dog owners may be surprised that attaching a leash to your puppy’s collar does not guarantee they will walk. So, how do you teach a puppy to walk on a leash? When I first … Keep Reading

Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review

Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review – Does It Really Work? Training a dog takes time, and a great deal of patience, but the reward for accomplishing the goal can be substantial. Getting started is usually the hardest part, especially when you did not train your dog since a younger age. Luckily, there are many … Keep Reading

How to Cut Dogs Hair

When I first got my German Shepherd, Fang, she was a little pup. She had a lovely fur coat and was just four weeks old! I loved her then and I love her now. I loved how soft her coat was back then just a soft, baby fur and not so bad in terms of … Keep Reading

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Every day

Just like your body relies on a healthy dose of exercise each day to stay healthy, fit, and let’s not forget lean, so does your dog’s body. How much exercise does a dog need every day to stay fit and healthy? Unfortunately, many pet owners do not realize just how important daily exercise is for their … Keep Reading