Puppy Crate Training Schedule

Puppies often have the tendency to become hyperactive and go on a rampage in the house. There is also the annoying pooping and urinating inside the house, which can leave marks and create an awful smell in the environment. This is where puppy crate training becomes useful, but when not used correctly, you could be … Keep Reading

picture of a puppy husky looking up

Best Dog Food for a Husky Reviewed

Over the previous years, Huskies are gaining a lot of popularity among dog owners. Their wolf-like looks, trademark blue eyes, and fascinating history have intrigued many people, including those who do not keep pets. The Husky is a unique dog breed known for its excellent working abilities, escapist tendencies as well as playful character. Furthermore, … Keep Reading

picture of a yorkshire terrier licking lips

Best dog food for a Yorkie

Famous for their small size and big personality, Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies, are one of the more glamorous personalities in the dog world. From their elegant looks to their petite size to their active and bold characters, this breed is a favorite among pet owners. However, do not let their size and long … Keep Reading

picture of german shepherd dog resting

The best dog food for German Shepherds

Originally from Germany, German Shepherds are a large-breed dog with incomparable strength and stamina when compared to other dog breeds. This breed is trainable, brilliant, and super obedient to their owners; hence, the reason why they are in the police force and military. German Shepherds are ideal for active and outgoing pet owners who enjoy … Keep Reading

picture of vacuum cleaner

Best vacuum cleaners for pet hair

Pets become our greatest companions in life, but caring for them means you will have plenty of extra hair in the house. Pet owners know precisely how frustrating pet hair is. They cling to fabric tighter than a squirrel with a nut during the dead of winter. From your furniture to your carpet to your … Keep Reading

picture of dog with food

Best Food for a Diabetic Dog

Depending on your dog’s breed, there are several unique health concerns that you need to be aware of. One of the common and more severe conditions is canine diabetes. Similar to human cancer, this illness affects one in every 200 dogs at a particular stage in their life. Canine diabetes mainly affects the dog’s pancreas. … Keep Reading

picture of dog eating from paw

Best Grain Free Dog Food

Once you bring a new puppy home for the first time, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement. From stocking up toys to making the house puppy proof to buying all types of foods and treats for him, hardly anything catches you off-guard. However, one thing you might not realize at first … Keep Reading

labrador licking hand

Best Dog Food for Labs

Labrador Retrievers, often known as labs, are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Famous for their friendly nature, muscular physique, and diverse and attractive good looks, you can quickly identify a lab from a mile away. A Labrador is a large-breed dog with an approximate … Keep Reading

hand holding dog paw

How to teach a dog to give paw

One of the most common and easiest tricks for a dog to learn is to give paw. Furthermore, it is a fun trick to show off to your friends and family when they visit. So, how do you teach a dog to give paw? One of the things I was excited about when I got … Keep Reading