Best Puppy Food For Goldendoodle Dogs

The Goldendoodle is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, even though it is not a purebred.

In fact, the Goldendoodle really is a crossbreed.

These dogs are considered a designer breed and are the result of a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

The breed grows up to be relatively large, and they are also considered some of the more intelligent breeds out there. Even though a wonderful breed, these dogs need special care if you want them to live a long, healthy and, of course, happy life.

Read on to learn how I discovered the best puppy food for the Goldendoodle…


Hi! I’m Katy and last December, we adopted one of the cutest puppies I have seen – it was a Goldendoodle.

We decided to name our puppy Luna, she had the perfect combination of features from her mom and dad – that being the Poodle and the Golden Retriever.

We decided on a Goldendoodle not only for its beautiful golden locks but also because this breed is known to be great with other pets and with children.

Since we have a cat and two children, this breed was our perfect choice.

We also preferred the Goldendoodle because they do not need as much grooming as some other breeds, and they are very playful.

Our two daughters are very playful, so having a dog that would be able to play with them was important.

We also noticed that Goldendoodles are relatively healthy and they do not bark too much. They are also an affectionate breed that adapts easily.

The Case Of The Goldendoodle Puppy’s Hunger Strike


Enough about just how great the Goldendoodle breed is – on to a very important issue that we did face with our puppy.

In the midst of our excitement, we did notice that our puppy didn’t eat much.

This was an alarming factor, as a puppy, Luna needed a decent supply of nutrients to help her grow – but when she didn’t eat, it meant she didn’t get the nutrients that her body needs to be healthy and grow up strong.

Obviously, our Goldendoodle wasn’t on a hunger strike, so we started to point fingers to different factors that could be affecting Luna’s eating habits.

We were worried, so we decided to take Luna to the vet.

The vet checked her out and said that Luna was very healthy.

She asked us what food we were giving her and recommended that we look for a different type of food.

At this point, we made a lot of progress.

I was so relieved to realize that there was nothing wrong with the adorable puppy we adopted, but perhaps rather with the food that we were trying to feed her.

The Search For The Right Food For A Goldendoodle Puppy

So we found out that we had to look for a better food choice for our Goldendoodle.

This led us to do a lot of research. Now, the vet the recommend that we buy food from her, but the food she wanted to sell us was exceptionally expensive.

I decided to take a look at some online forums, and I even turned to Facebook and review sites to see what others are feeding their Goldendoodle puppies.

I first wanted to see if I could find more affordable food that Luna would like and that could give her all the nutrients that her body needed at her age.

I made a lot of useful discoveries while I was doing my research.

One of my friends recommended that I try out food made by a brand in the U.S.

I also discovered a couple of options to consider on forums and review sites and even some suggestions on social media.

During the next few weeks, I decided to buy a couple of options and try them out.

I tested a total of 10 different foods to find what Luna likes, what could give her the nutrients she would need, and which foods she would be a waste to continue buying.

Top Puppy Food For Goldendoodle Dogs

Out of all the foods that we gave Luna to see what she likes, her favorite was definitely the Iams PROACTIVE HEALTH Puppy Dry Dog Food.

This, however, was not the only food that we found to be good – Luna also seemed to enjoy some of the other options.

To make things easier for you, I am going to list the options that I consider the top puppy for Goldendoodle dogs below – with links to buy them.

#1. Iams PROACTIVE HEALTH Puppy Dry Dog Food

This is definitely one of the best options on the market.

You can choose between six different sized bags, depending on how much food you want and your budget.

If you are only going to test the food, then I suggest you opt for a 3.3 lb. bag.

I find the 15 lb. bag to be the best choice as it lasts an entire month.

One of the best features that I liked about this dog food is the fact that it is made from 100% real chicken, and it contains 22 nutrients that all puppies rely on during their first year of growth.

The food also contains omega-3 fatty acids to help ensure the puppy’s brain develops the right way, which ultimately makes the puppy smarter and easier to train.

The high-quality protein, obtained from the real chicken, also helps to promote healthier and stronger muscles.

#2. Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Health Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

Another good option for your Goldendoodle.

This dog food also comes in three different sized bags, including a 4 lb. bag, 8 lb. bag, and a 16.5 lb. option.

The food is also made from 100% real chicken and has been shaped to provide an easier chewing experience for your puppy.

The food also includes oatmeal and rice, which makes it easier for your puppy’s digestive system to process the food.

Furthermore, the added DHA fatty acids help to promote the improved vision and also assists with brain development.

#3. Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Classic Entrée Wet Puppy Food

We should not forget the wet food – Luna loves a bite of wet food every now and then!

Of all the options available, I really prefer this one. It is made from real chicken and contains rice for improved digestion.

The food also contains several added nutrients, including important omega fatty acids, that aids in brain development, vision, and even promotes a healthier coat.

You can choose between 12x 13 oz. cans or 24x 5.5 oz. cans when you order the Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Classic Entrée Wet Puppy Food.

Need Help Training Your Goldendoodle?

The best time to train your Goldendoodle is while they’re still a pup.

What I highly recommend and what I follow myself is the Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer program.

It’s full of easy to follow training modules with amazing tricks you can teach your dog so they grow to be smart and obedient.

Trust me, you don’t want to put up with bad behaved puppies that grow up to be naughty.

It can cost you a lot of money if they destroy your personal stuff and having a trained dog is so much easier to own – I’m really glad I found it because Luna is such a good pup because of it.

Without the help of Dan’s training, I would have spent hundreds of dollars taking Luna to a dog trainer.

With Doggy Dan’s online dog training I get to follow along with all the training material from the comfort of my own home where Luna and I are more comfortable.

Click here now to learn more about the dog training program that helped me with Luna ✓

Final Words


After adopting a Goldendoodle puppy, we quickly realized that not all foods are good for this breed.

Our Luna didn’t want to eat for quite some time, and we started to think that there was something wrong with her – after a visit to the vet, we discovered that the choice of food plays a vital role in whether our puppy will actually eat and if she will be provided with the right nutrients to support her growth.

If you have recently adopted one of these adorable puppies, then be sure to consider the foods I shared here – they are all great choices for this breed!

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