Best Dog Food for a Husky Reviewed

Over the previous years, Huskies are gaining a lot of popularity among dog owners. Their wolf-like looks, trademark blue eyes, and fascinating history have intrigued many people, including those who do not keep pets. The Husky is a unique dog breed known for its excellent working abilities, escapist tendencies as well as playful character.

Furthermore, Huskies are also known to be fussy eaters. As a result, it can be a daunting task to choose the best dog food for a husky. Luckily, this article seeks to explain the dietary requirements of a husky and which foods are best for him. 

Hi! My name is Jane, and one of the first dogs I ever adopted was a Siberian husky. I was intrigued by the breed’s charming demeanor and gentle yet active character. As a result, I could not resist bringing him home with me when I first saw him. 

There are numerous types of huskies, including the Alaskan, Siberian, American, and Husky mix-breed dogs, among many others. The breed consists of medium-sized dogs who weigh between 36 -60lbs when fully grown as well as miniature dogs with a weight of 15-35lbs in adulthood. Huskies are very active dogs with numerous amounts of energy. Apart from their energetic character, they are also very affectionate and require a balanced diet and plenty of exercises

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The origin of huskies

Huskies are known as work dogs, originating from the Siberian Arctic, specifically the Chukchi. Conditioned to last in the harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic winters, these dogs are highly resilient as they were known for their incredible sled-pulling skills. 

Initially, they were trained to assist the Chukchi people, a semi-nomadic tribe of Siberia, to hunt more effectively. They have a double coat that aids them in retaining body heat as well as a water-proof top coat. Their almond-shaped eyes also protect their inner eye from strong sunlight and loose snow. 

The Chukchi dog is a distant relative of the modern husky. The Siberian husky is an omnivore, meaning they can serve on both animal and plant diet for nutrition. They are also incredibly friendly furry companions as they will easily get along with other family members as well as strangers!

The case of the Husky’s hunger strike

Enough of the Husky’s origin and how awesome they are, onto a grave issue that I had to deal with when I had my husky. Within the first few weeks of owning my dog, I noticed how he refused to eat anything I put out for him. I got him when he was a puppy, and I was aware he needed a sufficient supply of nutrients to help him grow.

Immediately, I began looking for a quick solution. I went to the local store and bought almost every brand of dog food and treats I could find. However, I soon found out I needed to consult a qualified vet for information on the factors that were affecting his eating habits. 

Therefore, I took him to the vet, and she got checked out. Luckily, he was still healthy, and there were no detrimental health effects. I was quite relieved to find out nothing was wrong with my adorable canine, but the vet recommended various foods I could feed him. 

The search for the right food for my husky

So, I found out I had to look for better foods with the nutritional value that suits a husky. The foods recommended by the vet were costly, leading me to look for alternatives.

I did a lot of online research and asked numerous people who also owned huskies about the foods the breed ate. As expected, I made tremendous discoveries about huskies and their dietary requirements. Here are some facts about a husky’s diet and metabolism.

Special dietary requirements for a husky

With a variety of dog foods available in the market, a husky owner can be easily confused about which brand and type are best for their dog. Huskies are highly energetic, and they require their regular dose of minimal food supplies to perform without hardly any fatigue. For optimum performance, all they need is a holistic, human-grade, and all-natural diet with high-quality ingredients.

Like all other dogs, huskies require a specific amount of nutrients to live a healthy and robust life. According to the National Academies’ National Research Council, the most important nutrients for dogs are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. They provide adequate energy to your dog without compromising on their health and lifespan. Avoid foods with artificial additives, colors, preservatives, fillers, lactose, and gluten. Some more vital ingredients for your husky include:

  • High-quality animal proteins: Huskies require a regular dose of two or three wholesome meat proteins such as beef, fish, chicken, and lamb among the first ingredients. Proteins from meat meals, such as chicken meal, are also acceptable. Meat meals mean that it is meat where extrusion of moisture has occurred. 
  • Plant proteins: Meat proteins are easily digestible for dogs. However, plant proteins from peas or lentils also help in supplementing animal proteins, increasing the nutritional value of the meal. However, choose a diet with more animal proteins than plant proteins. 
  • Essential fats: Nutritious chicken fat, canola oil, and flaxseed are healthy sources of fat for your husky. They aid in keeping the dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. DHA, one of the three Omega-3fatty acids, helps in brain development and proper eye functioning. 
  • Low-to-moderate carbs: A husky’s diet should be low in carbs to prevent obesity. Foods such as sweet potatoes, which are an alternate low-glycemic form of carbs, are ideal for your mutt. 
  • Adequate calcium to phosphorus ratio: Calcium and phosphorus are essential in the development of strong and healthy bones in your dog. Ensure your canine’s diet has the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio of about 1.2 parts calcium to 1 part phosphorus to prevent severe orthopedic issues such as painful bone spurs. 

The best dog foods for a husky

Huskies require at least 22% protein and 8% fat to grow and develop properly. Here are some well-known dog food brands with high nutritional value for your husky.

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1. Taste of the Wild Canine Formula


Being one of my favorite go-to dog food , Taste of the Wild Canine formula uses only novel proteins in making this meal. This grain-free formula has 25% crude proteins and 15% essential fats for your husky. With nutrients that will nourish and energize your dog, Taste of the Wild Canine formula contains salmon, ocean fish meal, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, and canola oil. 

Its choke-full list of ingredients also includes antioxidants, prebiotic and probiotic microorganisms, as well as essential digestive enzymes for better nutritional value and digestion as well as a boosted immune system. The recipe also has Omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in keeping your dog’s coat long, shiny, and healthy. 

2. Orijen Adult Dog Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

What's the Best Dog Food for Siberian Huskies? | Orijen Adult Dog Food | Dog Food Guru

Different from Orijen Original Dry Dog Food, this formula contains high amounts of proteins and fats, similar to those found in the wild. This nutrient-dense formula has a unique composition of 90% meat, fish, and poultry and 10% botanicals, fruits, and vegetables. Some of its main ingredients include boned turkey and chicken, whole herring, chicken heart, chicken liver, whole eggs, and spinach greens. 

Orijen’s ‘biologically-appropriate’ formula consists of freeze-dried ingredients to provide your husky with fresh and natural tasting foods without the use of preservatives. In just a few minutes, prepare this low-glycemic and high-protein meal for your dog for optimum nutritional value.

3. Nutro Max Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food


Nutro is a trusted pet food brand that has been manufacturing dog food for many years. This Large-Breed Dry Dog Food is an example of their prowess in the industry. Mainly made from chicken obtained from real poultry, this recipe is rich in proteins that help with muscle development and strengthening. 

Nutro Max formula has all-natural ingredients, providing your husky with the tastiest and healthiest meals for them to live long and healthy lives. It also has botanicals likes rosemary, spearmint, and green tea that work exceptionally well with the antioxidants in the formula. As such, it boosts your mutt’s immune system without inconveniencing their digestion. This Nutro formula also consists of chicken peas, oatmeal, and brown rice that offer sufficient energy for the highly active husky.

4. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness is a premium-grade brand, trusted by several pet owners and vets. Its high protein content, numerous fresh fruits, and vegetables, as well as high-fat content, makes it a favorite to many active husky owners. The formula features high-quality ingredients, including three meat proteins and a variety of carbs and fat sources.

Among its first three ingredients include boneless turkey, turkey meal, and chicken meal, a preferred protein source for dogs owing to its unique content of protein, fats, and calories. The formula also has several fruits and vegetables like peas and potatoes, which is rich in natural fiber that is good for digestion.

It also contains essential fatty acids from flaxseed and chicken fat that helps in the growth of a shiny and healthy coat and skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also present in this recipe. They provide plenty of antioxidants from blueberries, apples, parsley, spinach, and kale that help with your dog’s immune system.

5. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Dry Food 


This big bag of dry dog food is a perfect choice for pet owner looking for a high-protein diet for their husky puppy. With high-quality ingredients and a reasonable price, this formula supports the growth and development of large-breed puppies like the husky puppy. Its primary source of protein is fresh chicken while digestible and wholesome brown rice is its primary carbohydrate. 

The recipe also features an excellent blend of essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy eye and brain development. This small-sized kibble also consists of the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio to support the growth of healthy bones. As a product of Blue Buffalo recipes, the formula contains the unique LifeSource Bits, which are a proprietary blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants for extra nutritional value. The recipe comes in a variety of flavors, ideal for any puppy preference. 

Final words

With their high level of energy and activity, huskies require a diet that is rich in proteins. Grain-free diets also help in avoiding the risk of allergies and intolerances, among other health issues.

Huskies are not big on eating, making a small supply of food per day enough for them. However, make sure they take part in regular exercise routines, which you can also muse as training sessions. Two meals every day of a grain-free diet is sufficient for huskies to live long and happy lives void of bloating. 

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